Sep 30, 2008

Silver Strand Beach

This last weekend we drove over to San Diego for Jared's baby blessing of his little girl, Madalyn. Grandma Karen drove over there with us. We stayed at Jared's house, which is Naval housing. It was actually a really nice home and neighborhood.

On Saturday we went down to Silver Strand Beach, south on Coronado Island. We had never been down that far before on the island. The beach was really big. The kids love the beach. They get that from their mother. Jared's in-laws took us there and we played touch football and played in the water, which wasn't very cold. They found lots of shells and sand dollars and even a couple of big clams (I guess) that grandma Karen and Kristin gutted and then boiled the shells to keep. They smelled really bad though. Jared wasn't happy to have the smell in his house.

We had a great time there, the weather was perfect!

Brynley and Sadie had fun chasing the seagulls.

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