Apr 30, 2008

One step at a time...

Diesel isn't super excited about walking just yet. He can do it, but until he realizes it's a good thing, he'll continue to crawl. Mommy is tired of the worn out knees and the dirty tops of his feet.


We took the kids bowling for FHE this week. Here's some pics.


Well, I took my last final this morning in Biology II. I had my Organic Chemistry final last week. I'm spent. Along with the two finals I had two mid-terms last week. I have about 2 weeks off before summer school starts up again. I'll be taking the 2nd semester of Organic Chem and an algebra class to prepare for the DAT, which I'll take after the summer.
We're very excited (and nervous) as I will be completing my dental application this month. It's nice to finally start the "official" paperwork for dental school.
Casey Ann is very busy with cosmetology school, which means I'm busy being Mr. Mom when I'm not in school. I definitely have more appreciation for all you stay-home moms. All you moms need a raise. Too bad Casey Ann will have to wait after dental school to get hers. I never thought in a million years she'd volunteer to back to school (of any kind).
Anywho... that's a quick update on what's going on with school.

Apr 20, 2008

"It's bedtime..."

Why does it always take "forever" to put the kids to bed? I guess they love to goof around like their dad.

Come on Mom...

Casey Ann was helping her sister Stacey pack up boxes before they move and she found this wig and put it on Diesel. He kinda liked it at first, then he realized he wasn't a girl. It reminds me of a picture of Jared when he was a kid.

Here's Brynley's turn with the wig. We think Diesel and Brynley look a lot alike.

And Yes, that is a sweet 'stache I'm sporting. Looks more like some lint that landed on my lip. Just having some fun for a few days. Eric loved it.

More Blue and White Game Pics

We found some cousins to sit with.

"L-E-V-I, M-A-C-K", yeah... that's how I spell it!

Warming up for the game.

Sadie and Brynley were hanging out with Uncle Levi during the mini-camp.

Mom forgot to dress them in the right colors.

Uncle Jared, Bryce and Grandpa Mack

Blue and White Game

Brynley had a chance to go up against Uncle Levi before the BYU Blue and White spring game. The team put on a mini clinic for all the youngsters. Sadie waits for her turn. Also, it looks like Brynley's cousin, Bryce (in orange) is picking Uncle Jared's nose! Gross Jared.