Feb 18, 2009

Sledding in Mapleton

The kids loved the snow once we got back in Utah. This was at a nearby hill in Mapleton. Brynley's a little dare devil on the foam sled. Enjoy.

The moving crew

Rush came over to help us pack everything up when we moved. Also, Stacey was in town with her kids. Together, they helped alot. Who knew providing pizza and drinks was all I needed to get them to help. We really appreciated their help.


We had dinner with the Blackburns and Sean and Rush Smith families before we left at Moki's in Mesa. We then hung out at Rush's house with everyone and Dutchers also. We had a great time. Sadie got to open a few presents from her cousins there too.

Happy Birthday Sadie

For Sadie's 3rd birthday she wanted to go to Build-a-Bear. She picked out a Zebra. Mom was trying to coax here into getting something else, but the birthday girl prevailed. She had lots of fun and had a hard time leaving.

The kids watch as the worker helps put all her body parts in.

The told her to hug her real tight to help her come to life.

Hmmm... which accessories do I choose? Some many to decide from.

"I think these shoes will do"

Grandma Karen helped get her dressed before we left the store.

Sadie was finishing up naming her and printing out her birth certificate. I can't remember her name.

Christmas 2008 Yeah!!

I'm going to post some pictures from Christmas, since that's kinda where I left off.

Before we moved to Colorado, I pursuaded my mom to make some cinammon Christmas trees that she used to make when my siblings and I were younger. We'd make them and give them to our friends and family. They were yummy. Here's some pics.

Mom is finishing the tree branches on the trees before they get baked.

A better view before they were cooked. I know I have some after pictures somewhere. I'll have to have my mom send them to me to add on here. We ate one and she took the other to a family member. Very good. Thanks mom!

Catchin' up

Well, it's been a while since I've added some new posts.  I am finally able to find some extra time during the day, between being a stay-home-mom and school to add some things here.  We're still unpacking boxes and trying to make our new place a home.  Casey is doing a great job with all that.  I mostly put stuff up where she tells me to.