Mar 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Diesel

Diesel turned 4 this week and we celebrated today with a party for him and his little buddies.  Diesel invited some friends over for a 'bootcamp' party.  General Casey whipped those boys into shape in no time.  They had fun shooting army guys with some nerf bullets and blowing up the enemy coalition forces.

I got Diesel an official Army camo outfit at the BX here.  He loves it.  He wore it for three straight days last week.  The kids had fun having their faces painted and smashing a tank pinata filled full of goodies.

Grandma and Grandpa Smith came over to visit for Diesel's birthday as well.  We all went to eat Hibachi for dinner on Diesel's birthday.  This was the kid's first time, and they loved it, especially the fire.  It was Grandma Jackie's birthday this week also.

Take a look.

Piano Recital

Brynley has been doing wonderful in learning the piano. She likes to memorize the songs given her to play, and enjoys playing. She really likes her piano teacher, sister Reynolds. Unfortunately, she's going to miss her next recital, and she'll definitely miss sister Reynolds. Here's a picture of her last recital.

Mar 21, 2011

Mormon Messages Gila Valley Temple Video

This is the new Gila Valley Temple built in my home town.

Mar 10, 2011