Nov 30, 2009

"God's Temple"

I am sitting here doing my take home final in Statistics. Sadie is on the bed playing with some toys.
She (will be 4 this month) pointed to a wedding photo of Casey and I at the Mesa Temple and asked:

Sadie: "How long did you get married?"
Me: "Ten years ago."

Sadie: "In God's Temple?"
Me: "Yes."

Sadie: "Do you like that God?"
Me: "Yes, I do"

Sadie: "Me too, he helps us."

Wow, I am very touched at our little 3 year old's sweet spirit. It's amazing how much they learn from family home evening and from their primary leaders at such a young age. Makes me want to be really careful with everything I do and say.

Nov 15, 2009


We (Diesel, Sadie and I) decided to hit the park yesterday. It was cold but not that bad. But a few minutes after they started playing and climbing all over the place, the wind picked up and it got really cold. We left early and just in time, because it started snowing as we were driving off.

Snow Day

We received an email last night that church was canceled today due to the amount of snow received yesterday and today.

Sadie picked her snow day outfit for today. She's very proud of it, and I think she's very cute!

Nov 13, 2009

How do you do that??

Here's five simple steps graciously provided by Aunt Kristin on how to make a funny face. She demonstrated on camera for Sadie and Diesel today.

And... yes, I do have her permission to post this family secret of hers. :)

First: Streeeetch out your lips and cheeks. Very Important!

Second: Insert thumbs in upper cheek region and hold carefully.

Third: Take index fingers(pointy fingers for you kids out there) and place under your eyes, pulling down slightly, but just enough to make a sideways butt-cheek on each side of your face.

Fourth: Use your pinky's on each hand to carefully push up your nose just above each nostril. Be careful not insert them into your nose, that's gross!

Fifth and Final Step: Stick your tongue out for all to see. There, that wasn't so hard. Thanks Aunt Kristin for your help!

PS. She didn't know I was snapping pictures using Skype today. She got a big laugh after I sent her copies of what I was doing.

Whoopie Cushion Fun

Forgot about this video. We were at Grandma Jackie's house this year and the kids found a whoopie cushion and of course, Diesel loved it.

New Your Training Trip

Eric took me to New York for two weeks in October to assist him in getting IV sedation certified. This will allow him to IV sedate his patients in his dental office. We also got ACLS certified there. It was very intense, but very informative. We got to play around a little while there in the evenings.

Here's Jeffrey Ross at the game also. He was on DWTS and is a famous comedian.

Giants VS Cards

Eric enjoying the game.

Waiting at he ESPNzone in Times Square to watch BYU get ripped by TCU

The Hudson River, where that airplane landed last winter

Kurt Warner ready to torch the Giants again

LDS Temple in New York City

Just before Kickoff

In Times Square after leaving the ESPNzone early due to the whoopin' on BYU

Eric wasn't too happy (about the game)

Tim Hightower punching it in the endzone!

Nov 5, 2009

Back to Normal-ish

Well, I'm not sure if any of you noticed our blog has been jacked up for a couple of months. I was tweaking the HTML and messed something up. I finally figured out what was wrong and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

In the process of messing around I lost all my blog links (to family and friends), so if you're reading this, please write a comment so I can get your blog addresses again! Much appreciated. :)

Snow Day

Last week we had a huge winter storm come in which shut down the schools here and some of the colleges. The kids were anxious to go sledding. It was very cold and windy, but that didn't stop them. Then we stopped by Circle K to get some hot chocolate, a favorite of the kids up here.

Nov 3, 2009

35th Birthday

Casey and the kids decorated the house for my birthday and made me my own little Happy Birthday clown hat thingy-ma-bob. The kids loved it and laughed really hard when I put my hat on. It was very nice of them to surprise me. Thanks for a great birthday Casey!

Turkey Time

For the 24th of July we went to Moroni to see my mom and hang out with the Blackhams (my mom's side of the family). Uncle Bryant (my mom's youngest brother) was kind enough to take us to see the baby turkeys so the kids could see them. This was Diesel's first time and he really like it. It didn't want to leave and was very upset. The pictures aren't the greatest, my camera battery was dying so they're a little blurry.

1st Day of Second Grade

I know I'm a little late, but late is better than nothing at all. Brynley was so excited to start 2nd grade this year. We can't believe how much she is growing up.

Aug 1, 2009

Remember when...

I'm not sure who has seen this one already, so I thought I'd repost it again.

This was a trip with Brewer Caldwell deep sea fishing off the coast of San Diego a few summers ago.

Kyle Clouse was doing the filming.


Jul 31, 2009

Oops, I'm a bad dad...

I received an email with a video of Michael Jackson's ghost on it from a friend. Here's the video. Make sure to turn on the volume if you want to hear Larry King comment on it.

Here are the videos of Brynley, Sadie and Diesel watching the video.

Jul 5, 2009

"I Love To See The Temple"

This is Sadie's favorite song. She sang it to the missionaries today at dinner, so we decided to get her singing it on video before she gets too much older. (She is 3 1/2) Enjoy.

Jul 4, 2009

Mission Beach

Casey Ann's parents rented a beach house at Mission Beach in San Diego, near Balboa Park this summer. So we made the 19 hour drive to San Diego to hang with her family for a week. Very long drive, but... we had lots of fun. I think we were about 5 houses from the boardwalk. There was also a roof-top terrace that you could see the bay on one side and the beach and the other side. The weather was great and kids had a hay-day with all there cousins. Thanks grandma and grandpa!!

Brynley digging in the sand

Posing at sunset.

Sadie with her "wind blown" hair.

"Big Kahuna" (Diesel)

Having the time of his life.

Not quite tall enough for the roller coaster at Balboa Park.

Logan, Grandpa Rick, Sadie and Kennedy.

This is the Wave House, where they have two man-made wave machines where surfers can get their surf on and let everyone check out their skills. This was really fun to watch.

Getty up cowboy.

She wasn't very happy to ride the carousel (yeah right).

Chillin' in the beach house.

Grandma and Grandpa relaxing. Grandpa doesn't do that very much.


Hasting and Peyton.

Grandma Jackie and Diesel.

These guys were really good at the Wave House at Mission Beach

Father and Sons

I invited Eric and his boys our ward's father and son's camp out. We had fun playing cowboy and making turkey dutch oven. It was very good, by the way. Eric also made peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream, which the bishopric promptly disposed of. Diesel had a blast playing in the dirt while trying to figure what fire was and how close he could get to it.