Jan 18, 2010

Jeeping with Grandpa Rick

Rick took Diesel and I jeeping after Christmas near Tooele, Utah. It was our first time each to go jeeping in the snow. Amazing scenery everywhere. Diesel was rocked asleep with the motion of the jeep crawling slowly over the rocks and river bed.


We(Casey) have been waiting a few years to hit the slopes again. The scouts sold discounted lift tickets this year for only $25, which included lunch and breakfast too!
Eric and Josh went with us. We had a blast. I did pretty good after an eight year hiatus. Casey did awesome. We both snowboard. Eric and Josh were very patient with me as I'm the slow guy in the bunch. They ski. I'm not sure I'd be as patient as they were with me.
Also, it was about 5 degrees when left home, but it warmed up to about 26 while we were there.

Return of the taped Noses!

Faces only parents could love...

Happy Birthday Sadie!

I'm a little late, but I'm going to post some pictures from Sadie's birthday. Sadie decided she wanted to have a tea party with her girlfriends. Our neighbor, Jen, and Casey made her cake together, and Casey decorated the house a little.

She was so excited! They made some princess crafty thing-a-ma-bobs and had a good ol' time. She is so proud to be four now.

We love you Sadie!