Jun 25, 2011


Finally taught Sadie and Diesel how to ride their bikes today without training wheels.  Had to repair 4 flats this morning and decided not put the training wheels back on.  I loaded up Sadie and Diesel and their bikes and went across the highway to the church parking lot.  We tried Sadie first.  I ran behind her two times and then let go.  She did really well until she turned around to see if I was still there, then she crashed.  She was a little distrusting after that.  But she kept going.  So after another two times holding on she went on her own and that was that.  She did great.  She was all smiles.

When it was Diesel's turn, he heard me telling Sadie to keep pedaling and you won't fall, and to pedal fast.  So as he sat on the seat and I steadied him, I said the same thing.  I pushed him away (without running and holding on) and he took off like a race-car driver.  He rode the length of the parking lot really fast.  I forgot to instruct him on stopping though.  Needless to say, he had a nice spill and wasn't too happy, but he was eager to try again.  I reminded him of the brakes (which he knew how to use already) and then sent him on his way again.  And that was it.  He was cruising around the lot no problem.  In the meantime, while teaching Diesel, Sadie learned to start riding from a dead stop.

And that was it.  They were pros in about 20 minutes total.  Glad that's over with.

Here's some vids.