Dec 22, 2008

Merry Christmas, Mom!

This year for Christmas, all my siblings gave my mom and dad family pictures of each of our own families and had them framed up for them from Heritage Makers (Thanks Ruth and Jordan). Since we packed up to move today and since mom was leaving to California for a couple of days, she opened the presents today before she left.

Here's some videos. She very rarely cries, but she was really touched by them. We sure love her and all she does for us. And she really took great care of our family while we were here.

Dec 21, 2008

Some baby pictures of Sadie

I just wanted to post a couple of pics of Sadie after her baby blessing.  She has been so much fun to watch grow up.  She made sure she told everyone how old she was yesterday.  "I'm "free" and proudly holding up her three fingers.

Dec 20, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Sadie!!

Sadie turned 3 years old today.  She got to sleep in while mom made one of her favorite breakfasts, homemade biscuits and gravy.  Yum, Yum.

We went to Build-a-bear for a little fun with Grandma Karen and the rest of us.  She picked out a zebra and named her Lolli-pop.  She had lots of fun and I'll post some pictures later.

If you've met Sadie, you'll know what a sweet little angel she is.  She has a beautiful personality and is very fun to play with.  We love her very much!
(Aunt Kristin took this picture up Mt. Graham during Thanksgiving)

Dec 17, 2008

Family Pictures

While we were in Thatcher, we took family pictures of everyone together and with our own individual families. Here's a couple of them. I think there's 26 or 27 grandkids, with one on the way (Ruth and Jordan).

Grandma Ruth (isn't she beautiful?)

The whole Family

My beautiful wife and I.  (She makes me look half-way nice.)

Sadie, Diesel and Brynley

Dec 12, 2008

T-Day in T-Town

These pictures are from our trip to Thatcher for Thanksgiving.  All of my siblings were able to come for the week.  They came from Seattle, Austin, Sacramento, Orem, Denver, Cedar City, San Diego and Peoria.  It's been a while since we've all been together with all our kids.  We had a great time and I really enjoyed spending time with them.  Here are some pictures.
Mt. Graham
On Friday, we went up to Mt. Graham to have a picnic in the cold.  The kids had fun playing around the camp ground at Arcadia and eating lunch.  We didn't stay long, but it was fun to go up there anyway.

Sadie and Diesel

Adam giving Diesel a ride on the dirtbike


Ruth opened a container of mustard, but because of the altitude it exploded into her mouth and on her clothes and hair.

Del and Kristin

The Claridge boys, Matt, Travis and Buggy



Brynley, Uncle Joe and Leah

JC and Diesel

We were able to reserve the activitie's center at EA for a day and had a blast in the game room.
Micah and Brynley





Mitch, gettin' some love from Aunt Casey Ann

Good eye, Matt

Micah, playing pool his own way

Kristin was camera happy too.

Mitch, playing some pong

Jordan, Eric, Levi and Mason playing foosball

Kelsey and new baby, Nathan 




Digital Scavenger Hunt
Kristin organized a digital scavenger hunt after we ate turkey on Thursday.  The week before we all arrived she asked all the siblings to suggest several tasks we could do for the scavenger hunt.  I think we ended up having like 30-40 items we could do.  Most of the items included things we were fond of in our childhood.  She assigned different points for each task depending on the difficulty or distance we needed to travel for it.  We had an hour and a half to finish as much as we could.  We had to take a picture of someone in our group or family as proof we completed the task.  If someone would have tipped off the police department they would have raked in a sizable amount of speeding and reckless driving fines.  We actually got yelled at by some guy by the Hekekia's in the trailer park for speeding out of Brook Bryce's driveway.  Anyway, it was really fun and the kids had a blast.  Here are some pictures of our group.  We teamed up with Jared and Janelle's family.  Here are a few of the tasks.  We ended up in 2nd place in the end.

"In a cotton field"

"Get a photo with as many Romneys as you can"

"Lick the goal post at EAC" (Janelle didn't like that one)

"Climb a pole at the Primary School"  (Jared had to hop the fence for this one)

Jared and Casey Ann "Taking a picture in front of the Thatcher Post Office"

Casey Ann, Janelle and Jared "In a shopping cart at Home Depot"

"Take a picture in one of your old bedrooms in our old Thatcher house"

"Take your picture next to your handprint at the old house"  (not sure what Janelle is doing"

Jared, Janelle and Casey Ann "Hitch-hiking in front of Casa Manana"

"Take a picture with someone during their Thanksgiving meal"  This was worth the most points.  (We went to the Conrads and interrupted their meal.  They were good sports, though)

Picnic at the Thatcher Park with everyone.

Kim and Patty


A bunch of folks

Casey Ann and Levi

Buggy (Morgan)

Tosha (exercising... er somethin')

Kim and Mason and Kesley


Kim, Joe and Tosha