Dec 11, 2008

Sometimes Frazzled, but Grateful

Sorry for not keeping our "fans" (okay, friends and family) updated on our comings and goings lately. With Casey Ann commuting to Denver during the week and my school schedule, I haven't had the time nor energy to post recently. I finish up my finals next Tuesday (YEAH)! Then I get a break for about a month before I start up again. Also I've been rearranging and archiving our photos and I am ready to add a few things now. Casey Ann will only commute back and forth until next week (YEAH!), and then we're packing up and moving to Denver (NOT YEAH about the packing part). We are excited to move though, we think. It has been really cold and snowy there lately.

I'll tell you what. Being a stay-home mom can be very mundane and challenging at times. I'd definitely rather be working 8 hours a day sometimes. It's great to be with the kids and watch them development and grow up, but until you've done it for an extended period, you can't really appreciate moms and wives and how much they do and accomplish during each day and with a smile (most of the time).

As I've told several of you before, stay-home moms need a raise. They are not paid enough. I don't think I intentionally took Casey Ann for granted before, but I definitely know now that I did. She is the best mom and wife I could every imagine having. She does so much for our little family and we appreciate her and all she has done for us. It's definitely hard to hear my kids say they "miss mama" or "want mama" when they're not happy and are so used to her being here. They especially miss her at night when we say prayers. It's so sweet and touching to hear them pray for her while she's away. Friday's are our most favorite day of the week. That's when Casey Ann comes home for the weekend. And Sundays are sad as she flies back.

We're also thankful for Eric and Tosha and Josh and Robin for taking such good care of Casey Ann while she's away. They have really helped her alot with things while there. They have literally come to her rescue in the snow on more than one occasion. It will be nice to live near a sibling again there.


Kristin said...

This got me all choked up. Good on ya for recognizing and praising your wife and other stay-home moms. I'm glad it'll be over for you guys soon. We did that commute on weekends thing when we first moved to Mesa without kids yet - it sucked THEN. Love you guys.

sabale said...

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