Dec 12, 2008

Football Fun in Cedar City

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we (my dad and the kids) traveled up to Cedar City to watch Levi play in his last game this season. Eric and Tosha drove to Cedar from Denver with Casey Ann as they were heading down to Thatcher for Thanksgiving. Kim and Danny were also there with their kids heading down to Thatcher from Seattle. Ruth and Jordan also made the huge trek from Orem to see Levi play. Then, Casey Ann's parents were traveling from AZ to UT and stopped by to see everyone also. Mom and Jim were also there with us.

The kids loved to yell "Go Wevi", as Sadie says, during the game. We got to go down the to field afterward and talk to Levi and take some pictures with him. Those kids sure look up to Uncle Levi. He's one of the grandkids' favorites.

Kim was trying to get Levi's Autograph but was adamantly denied.

Levi and his mommy.

The crew.

Collin bumbin' a ride from Mitch.

Levi and his fans.

Mitch, being Mitch.

High-fives for all the little people.

Dan the man.

Waiting to talk to Levi.

More of the crew.

Diesel loves his cousin, Mitch.

Ruth and Jordan.

Little miss pouty face.

Tosha was definitely cold.

More crew.

Mackay looking cool.

Grandpa Mack and Kendra.

Casey Ann, Diesel and Jackie.

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Kristin said...

Hey - Ruthy - that blanket you're carrying, and sitting on..... where'd you get it? I recognize it - hmmmm, cuz it's MINE! When did you kife that?