Apr 20, 2009

Blackmail Photos

I think these photos are self-explanatory. Poor boy has two fun-loving big sisters.

Family Home Evening

It's been really nice lately during family home evening. Brynley is such a good listener. We recently had a lesson on testimonies and what they are. When I asked her what a testimony was, she said, "It's something that you feel inside that you believe in. And then you share it with people." This was the first time we've really talked about testimonies in FHE and she nailed it on the head. I actually got emotional hearing her sweet understanding of this principle. I didn't think she knew what is was initially. I didn't give her enough credit, I didn't give her primary teachers enough credit. Here I was, giving a lesson on testimonies and she helped to strengthen mine. I'm so glad she loves church and learning about the gospel. She's very quick to remind mom and dad of things we should and shouldn't do. We're very glad she's a part of our family. Sadie is also learning in sunbeams. She has memorized several primary songs since her 3rd birthday in December. She's very attentive. Diesel loves nursery and has no problem ditching mom and dad for toys and treats (thank goodness)!
Anyway, here's some pictures of tonight's refreshments. They really got into it, literally. They love strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Spring "Snow" Showers

Well, we got a nice spring surprise this weekend, 12-14 inches of snow. It snowed three days straight. It was quite the storm. Good thing is, it'll be gone in 3-4 days. Weird. We took the kids to the park to play in the snow. They loved it of course.

Apr 15, 2009

Goofy Kids

This is my favorite.

Fun at the Park

I took the kids to a local park last month. It was a little chilly, but they loved it anyway.

The kids "really wanted" me to spin them on this twirly toy. Here's what happened.

PS. It's not easy spinning them and filming them and trying to hold their hands so they don't crash and burn. So, sorry if it's a little shaky.

Random Sleeping Pictures

Diesel followed Casey into the bathroom while she showered this morning and when she got out she found him asleep on her Ugg slippers in the closet.

This was last night as we were making dinner.

Can't believe he fell asleep under the table with his head on the table leg.

Sadie at Grandma Ruth's in Safford.

Sadie and Diesel and Grandma's.

Uncle Richy putting Diesel to sleep.

Sadie and Diesel climb into Brynley's bed (the top bunk) to sleep with her a couple times a week.

Another one.

Diesel is in the not-wanting to take a nap phase, so he ends up falling asleep in Random places.

Diesel snuck up with Brynley, again.

After my own heart (er...eyes)

No need to explain these. Brynley is as goofy as me.

Conrad, Farris, Mack Get togther

I know Misty and Nicole were asking about some of the pictures we took together before we left AZ, so these are for you guys.