Mar 8, 2010

Potty Training

Well, I have spring break this week, so I decided to start potty training Diesel while I have time off. So we got ready last weekend by reading a potty training guide that works really well (thanks Kelsey). We used it on Sadie, but she was a little slow in catching on. Anyway, we bought a bunch of chonies for Diesel at Wal-mart. We also bought a bunch of juice and his favorite drinks to load him up on fluids. He also got to pick out some new toys and treats at the dollar store for positive rewards once he did his business. He also got to pick out his "Cars" big-boy toilet seat at the store.

Casey had last Friday off too, so we had a little throw-the-diapers-away ceremony that morning. He didn't know what to think of his little underwear at first, but liked them pretty quick. He ended up piddling his britches twice after a couple of hours, but then he held it the third time he had to go! And... that's all it took. Because of all the juices he drank, he probably went 10-12 that day (which is what ya wanted). Repetition is the key. Our other kids struggled with # 2, but he didn't have any issues with that, going a few times on Friday as well. That night he slept all night with no accidents! He turns 3 on the 24th. Yeah for Diesel(and us)! We are very proud of him. We were a little worried for nursery on Sunday, but no problems there either.
Here's some cute shots Casey took of him. He's wearing his boots he got from Grandma and Grandpa Smith for Christmas. One of his reward toys was a new "cowboy gun" and holster (which he's wearing).

He is not posing here. He would grab the handles and try his hardest to go # 2. Good boy.