Jan 14, 2009

New Blog Name

We've been playing around lately with some blog names. We wanted the ".blogspot" out of the address (not cool enough for us. j/k) and we wanted to personalize our blog a little more. We were using www.craymacks.com for a little while, but we've settled on www.themacksblog.com, so in a week or so I'll switch it over to the new one. You'll be able to access it by the original one also.

Not settled yet

Just wanted to add a quick post to share what we've been up to since December. We spent Christmas in Utah with Casey's family and then moved (with what we had from Arizona) to Colorado. We're staying with Eric and his family temporarily. We move into our apartment this weekend!!! Hooray for us! Now I can walk around in my underwear again (sorry for the visual)! We're heading to Utah tomorrow to get the rest of our stuff that is in storage. I start school next Tuesday and Brynley started last week. Once we're settled in I'll be able to post more stuff.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!