Feb 29, 2008

Head Over Heals

We went down to Moroni, UT last summer to celebrate the 4th of July with my mom's family. They have a big celebration every year. Brynley actually won the "guess how many pieces of gum are in this jar" and it took us 4 months to eat the gum. I thought she'd want to eat it all, but she didn't like that kind of gum very well.

Anyways Levi wanted to show off for the cousins and show off his skills on the trampoline. Hope coach Mendenhall doesn't see it.

Random Family Pics

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1st Trip Down The Stairs

Byrnley was being the nice older sister, taking Sadie on her first ride down the stairs.


I guess I was a little slow in their 2nd attempt down the stairs to catch Sadie before she crashed and burned.

Feb 18, 2008


I guess I'm going to try this blog stuff and get into the trend of sharing our most personal private information to total strangers. Okay, I know most of you who view this are not strangers to us. Thank goodness.

I can't believe I can get my own forumn to spew all my thoughts and opinions to everyone without being censored. Watch out! Please bare with me as I navigate this new Blog stuff. Also be warned that I think much faster than I type, so as some of you are already accustomed to, I may omit key words sometimes. Feel free to laugh and point them out as my family is used to doing.

Anyway... let's get this show on the road!