Oct 20, 2011

Growing up on Skype

Since I've started school, Casey and the kids and I use Skype a few times a week to communicate and talk about our days.  The kids love it. They call me when Casey isn't around sometimes.  They're so smart.  They show me their drawings and school work and toys.  It's really fun.  And not to be outdone by the other kids is little Presley.  She got her first taste of Skype with me last night.  I've been gone for about 5 days now and she looks different to me already.  I'll get to see her grow up on Skype for the next 10 months or so.  Anyway here are some pics of her skyping with me.

Eight Days Old.

Oct 15, 2011

Smile time...

Got big grin from Presley this morning.  Had to share (plus a few others).


She was up late last night with a bubble that wouldn't come out...


Lion-roooaaar yawn.

Oct 13, 2011

Baby Time!!!

Presley Kimberly Mack was born 10.11.11 at 5:48pm.  She was 12 days early and weighed in at 7lbs. 10oz. and was 20 inches long. She came a little early than anticipated.  We originally were gonna be induced today, but due to some new hospital guidelines they were gonna push it back to this coming Sunday.  Thursdays are my day off from working in the hospitals, so it wouldn't been great for my schedule.  Plus Casey's mom and sister were coming into town on Thursday as well to help and support us.  So to counter the hospital's delay, Casey's doctor scraped her membranes on Monday. And planned to do it again Thursday if nothing happened. She started having consistent contractions later on Monday, and they continued all night and into Tuesday morning.  I had been calling her regularly to see what was going on. Tuesday morning the contractions worsened, but she didn't want to inconvenience anyone, especially Danny (my brother-in-law that we live with) in taking her to the hospital.  Kim (my sister) was out of town and not scheduled to be home until Wednesday.  I was in Tucson taking part in a emergency room CPR mock training. We talked before I went in, and Casey thought she'd be fine until I was done at 2pm.  Well, she didn't last long.  I got a call at about 20 to 2 and I couldn't answer it because I was in the middle of a mock emergency.  My sister, Kim, then called at 1:47 (yes I still remember the time) and said the neighbor was taking Casey to the hospital.  Our neighbor showed up just at the right time.  Casey was having a huge contraction and she was balling on the phone with Kim.
After hanging up with Kim, I immediately ran to the car, which was about 1/2 mile away.  I had my trailer with me too, so it was difficult to drive fast.  I got an update that she was dilated to a 9 upon admission and that they were preparing to deliver that baby and I was still about an hour away.  So... I put the pedal to the metal and burned a lot of fuel racing to Gilbert from Tucson. I immediately called Randa (our cousin) to see if she could go to the hospital and be with her and she was able to get there within about 15 minutes. Casey wouldn't let them take her since I wasn't there yet.  So they started an epidural and got her all squared away. Dan and his brother, Mark, met at the hospital and gave her a blessing.  She was able to settle in and things actually slowed down after the epidural started.  That gave me a enough time to get there.  The doctor was actually surprised she didn't go sooner, since he broke her water already.  Well... I got there in time.  I actually got there an hour and a half before she delivered, so everything turned out okay.  Well except the fact that her mom missed everything.  She found out while boarding her plane that the baby had already arrived.

We're very glad that she was able to come down with Stacey and help out.  Randa and Donna also helped a ton.  Thanks guys!

Here are some pictures.  Enjoy...