Oct 9, 2011

Diesel and Tillman

Saturday we offered to take Tillman off Cyndi's hands after a cousin's baptism.  Didn't have much on the schedule so I decided to take a run out to the Cardinal's stadium and take the boys to the team shop.  They got to try on some uniforms and hats and stuff, we were there when they started their next stadium tour, so we got signed up.  They were excited to see the field and such.  Pregger Casey Ann was a good sport and went on the tour as well.  Then milkshakes topped off the day.  These little guys are best buds.

Fitz Fans.

Cardinals weren't # 1 this Sunday... :(

Tillman in front of his namesake, Pat Tillman.

Tillman asked me where the statue of "Pat Diesel" was.

Enjoying a shake at Johnny Rockets waiting for the stadium tour to begin.  Diesel was starting to get tired of taking pictures.

I had to bribe him to smile in this one.

Inside University of Phoenix Stadium

These guys love camo, quads and football.

"Red Zone"

North endzone

Didn't know this, but everyone Arizona high school football champion from 1A-5A for the last 30+ years has their team photo on one of the super columns that hold up the roof.  Took a few pics of my alma mater's championship teams, Thatcher High School. (1986, 1998 and 2000 seen here)

My brother-in-law Danny, played on the 1986 team pictured top left.  He's in the back row, # 32.

2006 team.

The turf grows outside of the stadium.  They roll it in for each home game.  It spends over 350 days outside each year.

The north endzone is in the back.

There is 3 locker rooms at the stadium.  No one uses the Cardinals locker room for any BCS bowls or Super Bowls.  Those teams use the two visitor locker rooms.

Diesel was done smiling.  Not sure what Tillman was doing.  This is where the Steelers will be when the come play Arizona this month.

Tillman listening to the tour guide.

T-man following the group.

He likes to not look at the camera when I'm taking pics.

Visitor's press room.

Visitor's tunnel to the field.

Diesel, in front of south endzone.  He's standing on the field platform.

Tillman, standing on the field, or at least where the field would be if it was rolled inside.

Yes, even the mascot has his own locker room.

Done with the tour.  They had lots of fun.  "The best day ever", they kept saying.  

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