Apr 15, 2009

"Time in!"

I feel like I've taken a "time-out" long enough from posting. I've finally been able to get a schedule going where I can spend more time posting about our comings and goings and other trivial items.
Casey Ann is still busy working for Eric, and I've spent the last three weekends (Thu-Sat, each one) working at Eric's office helping me him remodel. Last year we ripped up the carpet and laid down wood flooring. It took a while to do as it was very tedious cutting around 20 or so cabinets and work islands. It looked good for a while, but then we noticed it wasn't wearing very well and it was very loud to walk on. So.... we ripped it up and laid 12in. vinyl tile throughout the entire office. Not a small feat, but we finally finished it last night. It looks really awesome! We completely painted the entire office, not to mention adding bead-board and trim to both bathrooms and the front desk and adding a floating wall to enclose the manager's office with a new door. Just some trim and spot painting and we're done (until he wants to replace the floor for a third time sometime next year, I bet). Casey has been very patient as she's been alone with kids three straight weekends.
Needless to say, I've been really busy with that, school and young mens. Plus, since I am a "stay-home-mom", I've been asked to watch other people's kids. I'm too versatile, I guess.

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