Apr 15, 2009

Random Sleeping Pictures

Diesel followed Casey into the bathroom while she showered this morning and when she got out she found him asleep on her Ugg slippers in the closet.

This was last night as we were making dinner.

Can't believe he fell asleep under the table with his head on the table leg.

Sadie at Grandma Ruth's in Safford.

Sadie and Diesel and Grandma's.

Uncle Richy putting Diesel to sleep.

Sadie and Diesel climb into Brynley's bed (the top bunk) to sleep with her a couple times a week.

Another one.

Diesel is in the not-wanting to take a nap phase, so he ends up falling asleep in Random places.

Diesel snuck up with Brynley, again.


gamacks said...

Richy looks like Grandpa Wayne and Sadie reminds me of Kimberly when she was little.

Adam said...

That's funny.