Jul 4, 2009

Mission Beach

Casey Ann's parents rented a beach house at Mission Beach in San Diego, near Balboa Park this summer. So we made the 19 hour drive to San Diego to hang with her family for a week. Very long drive, but... we had lots of fun. I think we were about 5 houses from the boardwalk. There was also a roof-top terrace that you could see the bay on one side and the beach and the other side. The weather was great and kids had a hay-day with all there cousins. Thanks grandma and grandpa!!

Brynley digging in the sand

Posing at sunset.

Sadie with her "wind blown" hair.

"Big Kahuna" (Diesel)

Having the time of his life.

Not quite tall enough for the roller coaster at Balboa Park.

Logan, Grandpa Rick, Sadie and Kennedy.

This is the Wave House, where they have two man-made wave machines where surfers can get their surf on and let everyone check out their skills. This was really fun to watch.

Getty up cowboy.

She wasn't very happy to ride the carousel (yeah right).

Chillin' in the beach house.

Grandma and Grandpa relaxing. Grandpa doesn't do that very much.


Hasting and Peyton.

Grandma Jackie and Diesel.

These guys were really good at the Wave House at Mission Beach

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