Jul 4, 2009


Well... it's time for an update on the Macks. Since my finals in May and our trip to San Diego in June and summer school starting, time has flown by for us. So, I'll quit being a slacker (for just a little while) and get some things posted on here.

Also, we haven't really told anyone, but through much prayer and thought, we are going to pursue our backup plan to dental school instead of applying again this summer. The uncertainty and unknown of waiting for the dental school process to run it's course has helped us choose plan B. We are very excited, especially Casey Ann. She has definitely been overwhelmed at times during the last year or so thinking about the application process again(me too).

So... after reviewing our options and talking to those around us, we have decided to pursue a great opportunity and purchase a 7 Eleven franchise in Pima, AZ. We close on the loan and business contract on the 27th of July. We break ground on Auguest 3rd, 2009. We are very excited to be going back to the Gila Valley. We will be opening the new 7 Eleven about a 1/4 mile northwest of the new Gila Valley Temple on the Highway. We will be moving back in a couple of weeks! Kinda fast, but we're very excited.

I must say, if you've made it to this part, you've done pretty good (by not calling us by now). I know it's not April, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to punk some of you. Actually... we are pursuing a different course in the medical field. The majority of the prerequisite classes I've taken for dental school will also help in becoming a nurse anesthetist. We apply next month for the accelerated BSN program here in Denver, which takes 12 mos to complete. The ratio of applicants who get accepted is vastly better than getting into dental school and the timing will be about the same as completing dental school. This is very appealing to us at this point. Then we'll look to work as a RN for a little bit (about a year), then apply to nurse anesthetist school. Anyway, we have several reasons (pros) to pursue our plan B that I won't go into, but we're very excited and eager to apply. Unlike dental school, we'll find out in about 6-8 weeks after I apply (in Sep.) vs wait up to 10-12 mos for an answer (very appealing also).

Well, there you have it. I'm going to try put up some more pictures of what has been keeping us busy the last couple of months.

Happy 4th to you all!


Jared and Janelle said...

Your a dork dude. It's a good thing I already knew about your plans or that might've thrown me for a loop. I can't wait to be able to say, "Adam's a male nurse" (for those not familiar, it's a line from Meet the Parents). Good luck man!

gamacks said...

Good Luck Adam. I am sure it has been a long and difficult year. We wish you the best!

Valerie and Cameron Sparks said...

I wanted to open a 7/11 in the
Gila Valley also but when I applied they said you had to be Indian with a towell on your head to even apply for one, so we scratched that idea.
It sounds like you have 2 good options. Good luck to you guys.
Cameron and Val

Jordan and Luci said...

That is exciting Adam! That's what I want Josh to do too!