Sep 30, 2008

Cooling Off

Good thing Grandma Karen has a pool at her home. We were prepared for the heat, but not the humidity when we moved back down here. We left 75 degree weather in Utah for 108 degree weather when we unpacked. Yuck! Grandma's pool sits in the shade for most of the day so the water is actually kinda cold, even on a hot day it feels chilly. Brynley says, "Don't worry mom, you'll get used to it", as she swims non-stop around the pool. We'd like to get Sadie in swim lessons, but we'll probably wait until next spring. She'll swim around if she's in the tube and Diesel likes to float around too. He's getting brave also, he'll climb up the steps and get and then head over to the side and jump to me. He loves it.

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