Sep 29, 2008

Mean Mom and Dad

I found a fake spider and Casey Ann and I decided to see how the kids would react. Well, we got our answer. I guess we're mean parents. They'll laugh later on in life about it, right?

Yeah, we're mean, we know.


Farris said...

You are so mean! I guess they better get used to it having you as a dad and all. I expect it from you but not from you Casey Ann! :)

The Mullenaux Family said...

That was funny! Cyndi was rolling and Tillman was kicking it wondering why the kids were crying. We'll have to try that on him.

Brette said...

You are mean!! This reminds me of when you tried to scare me with one at Brewer-Caldwell and I flipped out!! One of these days your kids are going to get you back!