Oct 6, 2008

Blog Safety

I got this info from a friend's blog and thought it was good to review regarding Blog Safety.

1. Never offer any personal information including your last name, contact information, home address, phone numbers, school's name, e-mail address, last names of friends or relatives, instant messaging names, age, or birth date.
2. Decide up front how much personal information you will share on your blog
3. Consider the way you are perceived online
4. Assume what you publish on the Web is permanent. Anyone on the Internet can easily print out a blog or save it to a computer.
5. Use blogging provider sites with clearly stated terms of use, and make sure they can protect the actual blogs, not just the user accounts, with password protection. (Even so, it's better to assume anyone can see it.)
6. Avoid trying to "outdo" or compete with other bloggers. Remember this is for fun!
7. Keep blogs positive and don't use them for slander or to attack others.
8. Ask yourself (and instruct your kids to do the same) if you are you comfortable showing any of the content to a stranger. If in doubt, take it out.
9. Keep your reoccurring events private (swimming lessons @ the same time, park days, etc.) also don't let on that your husband will be out of town or gone!!!

As a result I have taken all of my family and friends' last names off their blog links on our blog just to be safe. I guess you can't be too careful.

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Charlee said...

Hey Adam,
Very very good information. I came across something the other day, while going through some of my moms stuff. I think it was yours. Does FOB mean the same thing as CTR. Any how I don't know if you'd like it but we have it and would like to get it to you.