Oct 28, 2008

Want Some Burros?

Casey Ann's parents came down to visit everyone last week.  We had lots of fun hanging out and eating good food.  We HAD to go eat Mexican Food and there's not a better place than Someburros (and it was close to Sean and Amy's house).  Read came over and was delighted to eat some good mexican food.  
When we moved back to Arizona the first place we ate at was Someburros.  Needless to say we (I) like it a lot.

Diesel and Grandma Jackie
Brynley playing dress-up with Uncle Read
Sean getting some TLC from Mama.
Crammed in Grandpa's new car going to  Someburros.
More Fun
Great Cousins
Grandma Jackie, Sadie and Grace
Grandpa Rick and Read

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