Oct 31, 2008

Fall Festival

When Casey Ann's parents came down a couple of weeks ago, we headed over to down town Mesa for the their Fall Festival. There were lots of vendors on the sidewalks and some of the side streets were shut down with booths and crafts. It was really fun, besides being really hot. The kids had tons of fun. Here are some pics.

Sadie and Brooke played all day together.

Riley, Grace, Brynley and Alex

Uncle Rush, Brynley and Grandma Jackie

Making our way down the sidewalk.

Sadie and Brooke

Watching the leather man.

Time for lunch.

Sadie showing Amy her dolly.

Grandma Jackie and the kids.

Ladies man, Uncle Rush.

Diesel and Sadie getting ready to go.

And here's Riley breakin' it down for us.


Farris said...

That looks like a lot of fun. It's weird to see you in shorts when we are all in jackets and pants up here.

Kristin said...

Looks like you had a really fun day. Love all the pics. Hey - I showed my friends Sadie's pic (remember I told you she has a look-alike in my ward?) - and the little girl thought it was HER! So funny.