Nov 4, 2008

Did you vote?

I was able to go vote in person this morning.  I tried voting last Friday, but the line was 3 hrs long and I had other plans, so I had to leave.  Plus, it was about 94 degrees that day and line was outside.   So I woke up at 5am this morning and went down to Peoria High School and stood in line to vote.  I was 11th in line.  If I had to wait in line for hours, I'd rather wait in the cool morning instead of the hot afternoon and before taking Brynley to school and getting the kids ready for the day.

The polls opened at 6am to cheers from the crowd of about 75 people behind me.  I got in, reviewed each measure, voted and got out before the sun came up.  Everyone else was eager to cast their votes as well.  I felt very patriotic while voting.

We truly live in a blessed land, and even though we're going through hard times, it is definitely worse in other countries, so I'm very grateful to live here.

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