Nov 7, 2008

Halloween at the Conrads

This was Diesel's first trick-or-treating experience and he got the hang of it after a few houses. The kids had a blast with each other. We also got to see the Welkers at a neighborhood get together also. It was good to visit with them also.

Also, our A/C wasn't working all day Friday (Halloween) and since we were heading to the Conrad's to take the kids trick or treating, Misty offered to let us sleep there afterwards. They gladly offered up their best cushions and carpet and most importantly their nice cold A/C. Luckily the A/C guy fixed things up Saturday morning and we were able to sleep in own beds.

The kids loved it and we had a great time.


Ruthy Butler said...

Ok so I think Sadie just looks so cute with all that curly hair!!!

Anonymous said...

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