Oct 28, 2008

Rare getaway

A few weeks ago, Casey Ann's mom and sister invited her to go to Florida for a week while her dad was working there (free trip).  She hadn't been on a trip without the kids (or me) for years and it was a good opportunity to go have some fun with her parents and sister.  They got to tour Ernest Hemmingway's home also.  They really liked that.

They stayed in Miami for the week and traveled down to Key West one day.  It was a 3-hr drive, but worth it they said.  They drove on a bridge that was several miles long over the ocean.  It's the same one in the movie "True Lies".  They went to the beach in Miami and also went on an air-boat tour of the everglades.  She had a blast.

Here's some pics.

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Kristin said...

How fun!! We need to do a girls' trip again!