May 25, 2008

Little Diamondback

Brynely was signed up for T-ball this summer and she really likes it. She is having a blast. We missed the first (and only) week of practice because the coach didn't have our correct number. So for Brynley's first game, she basically got to warm up a little which consisted of her throwing the ball to her teammate, who misses, then runs and gets the ball, then comes back and throws back to Brynley, who misses, and then runs to go get it. This happens several times as neither one could throw or catch very well. Casey Ann was at school, so I had all three kids, also.

I tried to quickly explain the basics to her, like running the bases when the ball is hit, and where to throw it if you get it when you out in the field. Her first time up to bat, she hit the ball off the T into the outfield and sprinted off to 1st base. She stopped on 1st and turned with a huge grin on her face. There were several dads/coaches from both teams in the field and around helping direct everyone. It's funny to watch. After the game she was definitely excited about her team's treats. She said as we were heading to the car afterwards, "Dad, I don't need to practice anyways, I'm really good at this!" I was cracking up. Anyway.. here's some pics.

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The Mullenaux Family said...

That's hilarious! Good to catch up on the Mack fam. :)