May 25, 2008

Father and Son's

"Chillin' with my sippy cup"

"You might be a red-neck if..."

I had to take the car seat out as we slept in the Tahoe, where it was supposed to be warmer and had the brilliant idea to cart Diesel around on grandpa's quad in safety. The other dads got a kick out of it.

I secured the chair with two tow-straps to the back rack. It actually held much better I thought.

Not all fun and games camping.

Uncle Levi helped feed Diesel our gourmet dutch oven courtesy of the Colonel (KFC). Since this was Diesel and my first father and son's together, I didn't want to worry about watching him around fire and stuff while trying to cook up dinner. There was also a fast moving creek about 20 yards behind Levi, so KFC worked out really well for us. I gave my dad my heavy sleeping bag, because I knew it would get cold and as he and Levi spooned in the back of his truck. So Diesel had one blanket and I shared one with also. It got really cold during the night. Diesel was warmer than me. About 5:30 am, I turned the motor on as it was really cold, I checked the temp. gauge on the mirror and it was 33 degrees. In fact, the dew froze on my dad and Levi's bedding when they woke up.

Diesel had fun, but was worn out on the way home.

Grandpa Rick, with Logan, took his quads up there for us to enjoy.

Here's Justin and Logan, Casey Ann's brother and nephew go for a ride.


Cami D. said...

Ha ha Adam I think you're a genius! Loving the "you might be a redneck" feel - hilarious! I hope you guys are doing well!

Adam said...

Thanks Cami. Good to hear from you. We are doing well. I read your blog from time to time and I get a kick out of your writing, makes me laugh. Glad your mom is doing better.

The Mullenaux Family said...

LOL! Right on. Way to strap D to the quad. Very nice! Funny comment on Levi spooning with your dad, especially since I know it happened. LOL.