Mar 25, 2008

Spring Break

We took the kids and headed over to Denver for my spring break last week. I worked on Eric's office computers and did some other maintenance items at his office. We then did some reconstruction on his home by widening his garage opening and putting in a wider door also. I think there's some pics from my mom I'll have to get that she took.

Then he did some maintenance on Casey Ann and I. We both got some crown preps done. I asked the Doctor (Eric) for some NOS (laughing gas) and he graciously obliged me. He cranked it to the max for me (thank you!). It's the 2nd time I've ever experienced it, though the 1st time, the tank was low and I had a stuffy nose at the time and so I didn't get the full affect. Not so this time. I was definitely loopy from the start this time. My hands felt like they weighed 100 lbs. each. While loopy, I tried to scratch my head and ended up cranking the assistant right in the side of the pumpkin. Then Eric kept tickling my stomach and I couldn't control my hands well enough to make him stop. It looked like I couldn't control my limbs (disabled) and it was cracking Eric up and Casey Ann pretty bad. I'm glad I could be their entertainment.

Then before we left, Brynley wanted to try and drive one of Eric's little mini-bikes, so we practiced going back and forth in the garage a few times than took it to the street. She picked it up really quick. This is one of the small ones and is battery operated with a twist throttle and hand-brake. For those who care, check out her left hand on the handle with the proper finger position on the brake. Future duner all the way! Next time, we'll try out the bigger gas powered one and see how she does on it. She was definitely a little cramped on the smaller ones.

We had a good time getting away for a week or so. I'm sure Tosha and Eric were glad to get back to normal after we over took their home. It was fun to see Jared and Janelle and Josh and Robin and mom there too.

PS. Your so hot mom!

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The Mullenaux Family said...

NICE!!! Sign her up for the Super Bike class!