Mar 1, 2008

Happy Birfday Casey Ann!!

I just wanted my best friend to know that I love her and appreciate all she does for our little family. I hope I can make your birthday the best one for you, this year!! I've committed to change all the poopie diapers for you today, and between two kids in diapers and the way our kids drop the kids off at the pool, that'll be about 10-12 today. I hope you like that. I also commit to watching the kids so you can go out with your mom this afternoon. And I promise to take you to Tucanos tonight for you favorite dinner.

Love your humble hubby,


Misty said...

Check your email Casey, I sent you a birthday card. I am so sad I can't celebrate with you. Love you!

Joy said...

Glad you're keeping up with the times! Your kids are beautiful! Joy & Tad

Susanne ~ Mike ~ Easton said...

Hello Casey Ann! I may have to jog your memory, I used to work at Dr. Jones office, Kristyn McBride married my cousin (yes I'm from Pima!) Anyway I found your blog through Cyndi Whipple. Your family is beautiful, I can't believe that Brynley is almost 6!! Last time I saw her she was a baby!!! Hope things are going well for you! Susanne

Lopeman CEO said...

Adam -- I'm proud that you stepped up to the plate and took care of kids for the day! However, it is the 30th birthday...that definately deserves the week off from poopies! Better get busy!
:) Nicole