Mar 6, 2008

The Results are in...

Even though there are a couple days left to vote in the Casey Ann birthday guess caucus, I will finally reveal to you, her eager friends, her exact age.

Drum-roll please....... Casey Ann turned 30 last week. That's right, the big 30. She was definitely glad to have leap year this year to give her "one more day in her twenties".

We celebrated as mentioned earlier at Tucanos. She wasn't too happy that they sang to her though. But I couldn't resist mentioning it to the host.

All in all, I think she had a good birthday, but she'll have to confirm that for you.


Stacy said...

Adam & Casey Ann,
I am so happy I found your blog. Well I didn't actually find it. I talked to Ruth and she gave it to me.

Your family is just too too cute!! I love it. I am going to add you guys to my list so we can keep in touch. Please visit our blog page at

Brette said...

Adam, this is Nate and Brette Graham. Stacy told me about your guys's blog. Your family is adorable! I hope everything is going well for you guys. Check our blog out at Take Care!

Kristyn said...

Hi Adam and Casey Ann! It's Kristyn and Justin McBride! It's good to hear what you guys are up to, it's been forever since I have seen you. Your family is so cute! Our blog is Let us know when you guys come to AZ next so we can have a big 2nd Ward reunion! :)

Adam said...

Good to hear from you guys. I checked out your blogs and it looks like you guys are having lots of fun.