Oct 20, 2011

Growing up on Skype

Since I've started school, Casey and the kids and I use Skype a few times a week to communicate and talk about our days.  The kids love it. They call me when Casey isn't around sometimes.  They're so smart.  They show me their drawings and school work and toys.  It's really fun.  And not to be outdone by the other kids is little Presley.  She got her first taste of Skype with me last night.  I've been gone for about 5 days now and she looks different to me already.  I'll get to see her grow up on Skype for the next 10 months or so.  Anyway here are some pics of her skyping with me.

Eight Days Old.


Ruthy Butler said...

Super cute!

dawnanne said...

wow! congrats! i am so glad i found your blog!! arizona...nice, warm....what a lovely, lovely family!

Adam said...

Thanks Dawnanne. Sorry for being absent-minded, will you remind me how you know our family. Do you have blog?