Jul 24, 2010

Brynley's Pool Party

Well, our little Brynley is turning 8 tomorrow.  She is having a week-long extravaganza basically, which will culminate with her baptism next week.  We're very proud of her and we love her so much.  She had lots of close friends and family come to her pool party.  She was definitely the happiest kid at the pool.  Sadie and Diesel had a blast too.  I think mom was happy everything went smoothly.  Casey made Brynley's cake with some help from our neighbor, Jennifer.  Thanks Jen!  It took her a while, but she did a great job and received lots of compliments.

Happy Birthday Brynley!


Gma Karen said...
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Gma Karen said...

Happy Birthday Brynley!!! Looks like you had a great one. I can hardly wait to see you next weekend at your baptism!

I Love you,
Grandma Karen

PS - Your birthday cake was gorgeous!!! What a great Mom you have and a Dad to take all these fun pictures and videos!