Jul 26, 2010

8 Years Old

We can't believe our (not so, now) little Brynley turned eight yesterday. She is the best big sister and is really helpful around the home. She is a great example to her younger brother and sister. She loves to play the piano and is learning to read really well too. She has some great friends here in Colorado and she has a blast playing with him. She also misses her Arizona friends as well and can't wait to move back some day.

We love you Brynley!

She weighted 9 pounds 8 oz.


Farris said...

I forgot how HUGE she was when she was born! What a beautiful little girl she is turning into...we miss having you around, hurry up and get back to AZ would you please!!!

Adam said...

Yup, we let her watch the video when she was born yesterday. The kids loved watching it. She weighted 9 pounds 8 oz. She was so fat.