Nov 30, 2009

"God's Temple"

I am sitting here doing my take home final in Statistics. Sadie is on the bed playing with some toys.
She (will be 4 this month) pointed to a wedding photo of Casey and I at the Mesa Temple and asked:

Sadie: "How long did you get married?"
Me: "Ten years ago."

Sadie: "In God's Temple?"
Me: "Yes."

Sadie: "Do you like that God?"
Me: "Yes, I do"

Sadie: "Me too, he helps us."

Wow, I am very touched at our little 3 year old's sweet spirit. It's amazing how much they learn from family home evening and from their primary leaders at such a young age. Makes me want to be really careful with everything I do and say.


Unknown said...

That was nice!!! She is so sweet and so much fun!
Love you Sadie and Brynley and Diesel,
Gma Karen

The Heiner's said...

How sweet is that?! She is so adorable you guys!
Adam~ How cool you got to meet Jeffery Ross. He looks stoned in the pic. Was he? Hahaha. We went and saw him when he was here at the Improv. He was hilarious! Pretty naughty. But hilarious! :)

Tosha Mack said...

Don't you love it when your kids pat you on the back for teaching them right! Keep it up! We love Sadie!