Jul 14, 2008

The Replacements

Well... here's some of the pictures Eric's sister-in-law took of us at our July 4th baseball tournament. The rules were similar to softball, you know starting 1-1 already at the plate. The pitchers could only throw fastballs up to 60 mph. There was a large radar gun/display behind the plate to monitor the speed. If the ball was thrown over 60 a horn sounded and that pitch was an automatic ball. If a pitcher threw 66 or higher, they were ejected. It was pretty hard for our two pitchers to keep it 60 and below. If they tried to throw any junk, those were called balls too and were subject to ejection after one warning. Very fun, and can't wait to play again sometime.


Jeff and Mandy said...

Nice! That was a fun day!

The Goodman Family said...

Should have called me up. I think my fastball topped out at about 60 mph.

Arabeth said...

hey macks this is the brimhalls Jeremy and Arabeth and Braelyn if your interested our blog is brimhall4everfam.blogspot.com hope all is well for you guys good luck with school.

Charlee said...

Hey Adam,
Thanks I think they are cute to. I'm glad to hear you guys are back in AZ.
It looks like the mack boys had a great time as usual. Chris give yourself some credit, I'm sure it tops off at least 65!!
Adam keep us updated on everything and tell KCann(spelling)hi.