Jul 13, 2008

July 4th...

We went to Denver for the 4th of July. Josh (my cousin) invited me to play in a fast-pitch baseball tournament with his family ad my brother Eric. It was a lot of fun, but was very hot. We played four games, starting at 8am. We got fried from the sun and lack of baseball practice.
Josh and Robin hosted a big BBQ dinner, which was delicious and we got to visit with the Ricky Mack's.
We were almost too tired to watch fireworks because of the long day and ended up lighting off some of our own and watching the "big" ones from Eric's backyard. It was really nice and the kids had a blast. Tosha whipped out a big box of otter pops which didn't last very long with all of us.
Here's some pictures and some vids. I'm trying to get some more pictures of our game too.

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