Aug 21, 2011

Summer Blues

Well... summer is over (time-wise anyway, but it's still over 105 today) and the kids have been in school for two weeks. Brynley is in 4th grade and Sadie started kindergarten (which is all-day and which Casey loves).  Sadie is so excited to finally be in school.  She got a new Roxy backpack and lunch box and pencils and crayons and well you know everything a kindergartner needs.  We have some pictures and I'll try to post some next weekend when I'm back at home (which is now Gilbert for the next year). It's nice that the school is right next to our house.  No more driving the kids to the bus stop or to the school.  Casey and I walked the kids over the first day and Diesel came with us.  He was sad that he wasn't going to school with his big sisters.  On our walk home, Casey and I stopped and chatted with my sister Kim and some neighbors by the school fence.  Diesel just kept walking home though, which was about 75 yards down the street, with his head down and dragging his feet. He sat on Kim's flower bed wall and put his elbows on knees and his face on his hands and sat there kinda slumping.  He was waiting for us to come home.  We felt bad for him.  We haven't found a preschool for him yet and he really wants to be a "big-boy" and go to school.  A trip to the dollar store helped cheer him up later.  He was also my little helper around the house and running to Home Depot to get stuff for the house.

This last Monday, we loaded up the little ATV and went over to his buddy Tillman's home to ride quads.  Tillman's dad made a small Moto Track in the empty lot next to their home, where Tillman practices his ATV skills.  I've got some video and pictures I'll try to post later as well.  Diesel loved it!  He did real well.  He almost got bucked off on the whoops a couple of times, but he held on.  Tillman is a pro and was really good in showing Diesel how to ride on the track.  No accidents from either guy.

Now the home is quiet, just Mitch and Diesel hanging out.  They swim together most days and have a good time working on Mitch's RC cars and computer.  He and Mitch are buds.  He needs a bud since I'm back in Tucson tonight.  My new semester starts tomorrow morning.  It's gonna be a long one.  I had 12 days off, which consisted of moving some of our stuff to Gilbert and then the rest of it stuff from Safford into storage, working to organize our bedrooms, clothes, etc.  Then it was time to relax before my semester started.  I'm doing my clinicals at TMC again this semester, which I'm excited for.  Less than 12 months remaining.


Angie said...

I am glad you guys have finally got settled in somewhere!! Porter is having a hard time with school starting too. His preschool isn't starting for another few weeks. But I put him in swim lessons and that seems to be helping. Good luck with school.

Jennifer said...

Less than 12 months remaining?? You're almost there! So sorry for Diesel . . . we sure miss that guy. Katelee does not like school without Sadie - wishing you guys were here so they could be in class together!