Apr 26, 2010

New Blog Address!!!!!

If you've noticed, there hasn't been any new posts on this blog (www.azmacks.blogspot.com). We changed our blog address to www.themacksblog.com last year!!!

If you have added a link to our blog from your blog, you'll need to edit that (under the layout tab) link to our web new blog address at www.themacksblog.com.

Also, did you notice that we don't have the ".blogspot" in our blog anymore?? It's very easy to explain. I bought our current blog domain name from GoDaddy.com (through Blogger and Google) which is very easy and only costs $10 per year. Hated that ".blogspot" junk in our site name. Looks much better and there are thousands of domain names to choose from.

Anyway, if you want to see us or follow our little family you can find us on our new-name, but same-old-stuff blog at www.themacksblog.com. See ya there!!


Adam and Casey

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