Nov 13, 2009

New Your Training Trip

Eric took me to New York for two weeks in October to assist him in getting IV sedation certified. This will allow him to IV sedate his patients in his dental office. We also got ACLS certified there. It was very intense, but very informative. We got to play around a little while there in the evenings.

Here's Jeffrey Ross at the game also. He was on DWTS and is a famous comedian.

Giants VS Cards

Eric enjoying the game.

Waiting at he ESPNzone in Times Square to watch BYU get ripped by TCU

The Hudson River, where that airplane landed last winter

Kurt Warner ready to torch the Giants again

LDS Temple in New York City

Just before Kickoff

In Times Square after leaving the ESPNzone early due to the whoopin' on BYU

Eric wasn't too happy (about the game)

Tim Hightower punching it in the endzone!

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gamacks said...

Hey Adam,
You were in my old stomping ground. The temple in NYC was our stake center. We use to skip out on the boring parts of the dances and hang out in the stair well or walk a few blocks to central park. Great times growing up in the city!