Nov 13, 2009

How do you do that??

Here's five simple steps graciously provided by Aunt Kristin on how to make a funny face. She demonstrated on camera for Sadie and Diesel today.

And... yes, I do have her permission to post this family secret of hers. :)

First: Streeeetch out your lips and cheeks. Very Important!

Second: Insert thumbs in upper cheek region and hold carefully.

Third: Take index fingers(pointy fingers for you kids out there) and place under your eyes, pulling down slightly, but just enough to make a sideways butt-cheek on each side of your face.

Fourth: Use your pinky's on each hand to carefully push up your nose just above each nostril. Be careful not insert them into your nose, that's gross!

Fifth and Final Step: Stick your tongue out for all to see. There, that wasn't so hard. Thanks Aunt Kristin for your help!

PS. She didn't know I was snapping pictures using Skype today. She got a big laugh after I sent her copies of what I was doing.


Unknown said...

Ya know, ya do stuff for the entertainment of children, and then it gets used against ya. Sheesh.

I didn't realize he was snapping pictures until it was too late!

They do make me laugh though.

Glad I could demonstrate for y'all.

Farris said...

Now I'm scared to use Skype with you...which we need to do by the way. My parents have a web cam, I guess we just need to get it out and install it.