Aug 7, 2008

Busy, Busy

It's been a while since we've posted anything. I just finished up my last summer class Monday night. So I've been very busy and Casey Ann doesn't really get on here to post very much.
I am now studying for the DAT which I take in a couple of weeks. And then we're packing up and moving back to Arizona in 2 1/2 weeks. So we probably won't be posting very much until after we get back to AZ.
Please keep me (us) in your prayers as we take the DAT. The results will be a good indication if we get accepted into dental school next year. We're grateful for our family and friends and all your love and support as we change careers.
Hope everyone has had a great summer so far. We are definitely enjoying our last few weeks in the cooler weather up here.

The Macks


Our fun family said...


From hot sunny Arizona. I came across your blog and thought I would drop a line and say hello. Looks like things are pretty crazy for your and your family right now. We will definitely say a couple of extra prayers for you guys in regards to the move and the DAT test. We wish you all the best of luck.... Wow, all three Macks in dental school that is so awesome - way to go.


missy brimhall said...

Well I guess since you are moving back to AZ I can be your friend again. Well when you get back pick up the line and call me.

your not fellow scissor kicker

Alan and Amy said...

You may have already taken the DAT by now but I am still wishing you much luck and great scores. We have an idea of how incredibly stressful that can be. It seems that there are so many stresses involved with the whole Dental School thing. As a family that has finished the process I give you much empathy and wish you a much easier time than we had. Good Luck!