Jun 29, 2008

Rhode Island Bound

I helped drive my brother, Jared, to Rhode Island for basic training as he starts his service as a Dentist for the Navy. We drove 2600 miles and spent 35 hours in the car driving. We took a few pits stops along the way and here's some photos.

We went to Yankee Stadium and watched the Reds thrash the Yanks. I can't believe was a trashy place the stadium is. It's so old and broken down.

Here's the New Yankee Stadium which is right across the street. It'll be ready for the start of next season.

Jared is enjoying a "whiz with" at Geno's in Philly. Thanks to Ryan for giving us the directions. Philly was really cool and can't wait to go back with Casey Ann.

The subway in New York was crazy. Very dirty and gloomy. We had fun taking the train into Manhattan from Newark, New Jersey to see some of the sites.

We had seats in the outfield close to the back wall.

Here's ground zero, they're still working on the foundation.

Iowa 80, the largest truck-stop in the world. It has it's own full-time dentist and chiropractor, along with a movie theatre and anything Big-rig you could ever want.

Notre Dame stadium in South Bend, Indiana. It was only about 3 miles from the freeway. The College Football Hall of Fame was there also.

Geno's in Philly.

Madison Square Garden is where the New York Knicks play. I buried a Suns jersey below the foundation to curse Mike D'Antoni. :)

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